Company guidelines

From TSPP to SIP

From TSPP to SIP

As early as 1991, the General Management decided to provide the leadership of the company – which had grown considerably since the beginning and even had a production site abroad in the meantime – with a scope for further development. The target setting and planning process (TSPP), in which not only the General Management, but also the rest of the company’s managers took part, was called into being.

The basis for this future-looking process, the composition of the company guidelines, was the first step. These guidelines are still in use today and will continue to be used into the future, with a few modifications and updates.

ninka ® company guidelines

The customer has top priority and sets the standard for our thinking and actions.

We are an internationally aligned company.

We see ourselves fundamentally as an industry supplier with a focus on the furniture sector.

We develop, produce and market plastic products – in all refinement sages – and their accessories, as well as the moulds, equipment and methods required for their manufacturing.

We place the highest demands on the quality of our products, services and methods and work on continuous improvement.

Through innovative products and methods, we want to achieve, secure and expand a leading position in technology, function and design.

The variety of our customers and our autonomy from individual industries encourage our entrepreneurial flexibility.

The economic independence of our activities shall be retained. Our Advisory Board represents the rights of the shareholders. The management function is assumed by the holding and operating companies.

We are responsible to our shareholders and employees for the generation of income, thereby ensuring the company’s further existence and securing jobs.

We promote the dedication and motivation of our employees through extensive communication and the targeted transfer of responsibilities and decision-making scope. Our cooperation is target and decision oriented.

We recognize the importance of a positive work environment for our employees and act accordingly. Our business premises fulfil legal environmental protection regulations and guarantee a high degree of occupational safety and health protection.

We recognize our responsibility to the environment and handle energy, raw materials and other resources sparingly and carefully as early as the development phase of new products and methods. We are continuously improving our environmental performance.

Dynamics create technological advances

Dynamics create technological advances

To emphasize the strategic component of our company development even more strongly, the successful management development process of 2007 was renamed to Strategic Integration Process (SIP), which continues through to today and is discussed and worked out in an annual management workshop.