Working at ninka

Working at ninka

Dedicated and motivated –
a dynamic team

We are a medium-sized, independent, owner-operated family company with more than 60 years of experience in plastic processing. ninka are one of the leading processors of thermoplastic polymers and use a variety of both downstream and integrated surface refinement processes.

To guarantee our sophisticated range of services for our customers into the future, we need the cooperation and dedication of qualified and motivated employees.

ninka offer you a healthy, safe and motivating working environment. Creativity, strong team dynamics, interesting activities and open communication are very important to us. The company stands for equal opportunities and respectful treatment of the dignity and personality of each individual. Honesty, reliability, fairness and openness are the basis for trusting togetherness.

ninka naturally also offer our employees many possibilities for training and further education. To add to our team of existing, expert personnel, we are always pleased about qualified applicants who would like to join our company.

Working at ninka

Ethics charter

Laws, trust and respect

For ninka, good solidarity within the company and a long-term and trusting partnership with customers, suppliers and other business partners from all over the world are particularly important to us.

To guarantee this solidarity and partnership, ninka place a great value on the safeguarding of high ethical standards, the observance of applicable regulations and laws and the acceptance and respect of national and international cultures.

Laws, trust and respect

ninka vitality

Moving more together

The health and wellbeing of our employees has a high place value. Employees are our most important and valuable resource for corporate development.

Within the scope of our health project
”ninka vitality – moving more together", the creation of a pleasant company and working atmosphere and the safeguarding of employee health is in the foreground. For this purpose, ninka hold annual “Health Days” with changing topics such as “A healthy back,” “Movement” or “Nutrition” and perform regular health check-ups.

Employee participation in sporting events benefits both the health of the individual and the feeling of community.

Moving more together

ninka efficiency

Shaping the future together

Working better together

In the ”ninka efficiency" project, the company suggestion system and continuous improvement process are being combined. “ninka efficiency” helps the company optimize its processes in such a way that it is adapted to the current and future market situation, the needs of the employees and the requirements of customers in the best way possible. Our employees therefore directly influence the development of the company and contribute decisively to its success.

We offer our employees these services